The yankezz Zipper Repair System

Our no-sew zipper repair system that makes it fast and easy to replace a broken zipper pull.

One package contains two tab adapters, and two yankezz  Grabbers.


yankezz Zipper Grabbers are zipper pull extenders that make grasping and using zippers easier!

Replace those small, hard-to-use zippers with yankezz Zipper Grabbers, or use our yankezz Zipper Repair system to repair broken jacket or suitcase zipper pulls.

Small children, the elderly, and outdoor sportsmen will immediately see the benefit of using yankezz Zipper products.

  Other uses for yankezz products:
Luggage repair shops · Tailors
· Purses · Arthritic
· Business professionals · Athletes
· Music cases · Boat repair
· Tent repair · Sports equipment

  The yankezz Zipper Grabber

A flexible, easy to use product making anything with a zipper easier to grab.  Simply push the grabber over your zipper tab until it locks into place.

Available in two different sizes.  See our size chart for size information.

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